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LandSky as a Service, a new model for automation, designed to enhance human ability!

LS.a.a.S is a recurring subscription service that provides on-going, 24/7 autonomous solutions for customers. With LS.a.a.S, customers can easily adopt robotics into their operations without having to spend extensive effort in implementing autonomous solutions. The LS.a.a.S package is designed to increase efficiency without sacrificing the customer's valuable resources of labor and time. By combining a human aspect with hardware and software integrations, LS.a.a.S provides a fully automated end-to-end solution. The value of LS.a.a.S lies not in the individual components of hardware, software, or operators, but in the complete package where all these powerful innovations are merged together. In summary, LS.a.a.S is a comprehensive solution that offers customers ongoing, autonomous support to optimize their operations.

Vision AI

  • Advanced image recognition capabilities surpassing human abilities

  • Quick detection and identification of visual elements in real-time

  • Immediate insights and ability to create accurate predictive models and smart prevention strategies

  • Capable of processing thousands of images at high speed and providing vast amounts of data

  • Ideal solution for enhancing efficiency and accuracy in autonomous patrols

To make sure we are the best fit for you, we will work with your team in learning more about your environment & vulnerabilities.
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