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LandSkyAI's Health Guard offers a cutting-edge solution for sanitizing and protecting against viruses and bacteria. Utilizing UV-C LED light technology, our Health Guard has been scientifically tested and proven to achieve 99.99% disinfection efficacy within 5 minutes at a range of 2.5 meters against live human coronavirus samples.

This advanced UV-C LED technology is not only effective in killing bacteria and microbes, including the coronavirus, but it is also 70% more energy efficient compared to traditional cleaning robots with mercury lamps. It is also safer for human skin as it does not emit harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation, unlike conventional mercury lamps.

Our Health Guard is also equipped with state-of-the-art heat management and cooling systems to counteract the heat emitted from its high-intensity LED modules, ensuring optimal performance. Choose LandSkyAI's Automated Disinfection Patrols for a safe and efficient solution for sterilization and sanitization.

LandSky as a Service

Take your disinfection efforts to the next level with our LandSky as a Service (LS.a.a.S.) package. Our emphasis on added value services simplifies the implementation of autonomous disinfection patrols, offering a smooth transition from purchase to deployment to operation. Benefit from a comprehensive, all-in-one solution that provides the automation necessary for a safer and healthier environment.

Vision AI

  • Advanced image recognition capabilities surpassing human abilities

  • Quick detection and identification of visual elements in real-time

  • Immediate insights and ability to create accurate predictive models and smart prevention strategies

  • Capable of processing thousands of images at high speed and providing vast amounts of data

  • Ideal solution for enhancing efficiency and accuracy in autonomous patrols


Disinfection Solutions

Health Guard

Disinfection/Surveillance System

LandSky's Disinfection system, Health Guard, has been successfully lab tested by OTSAW and third parties against live human coronavirus samples, achieving a disinfection efficacy of 99.99% within 5 minutes, at a range of 2.5 meters. The advanced UV-C LED technology emits only UV-C light, which is effective in killing bacteria and microbes, including viruses such as the coronavirus. While the UV-C is less harmful to humans than traditional cleaning methods, the analytics built into our system will shut off the UV-C when a human is detected in range.

This robot offers dual-functionality as a security robot as well. It is equipped with a microphone, speakers and cameras. With remote operation enabled by LandSky’s team, we have turned this system into a dual system for disinfection and safety.

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To make sure we are the best fit for you, we will work with your team in learning more about your environment & vulnerabilities.
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