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High-Net-Worth Security

Residences, Fundraisers

LandSkyAI provides a full service designed to safeguard the families and properties of high-net-worth individuals. We understand the importance of protecting not only the individual and the property, but ensuring investments in artwork, fine wines, and other assets have the best security possible. With LandSky as a Service, our combination of human operators with autonomous robotics is a package designed for the highest level of security.

Deployment Scenarios

Automated Response
If another security device on the property detects an event, our system will automatically deploy to investigate the alarm location as well as canvassing the area.
Remote Operation and Monitoring
Our team of remote operators have the ability to take over the robot at any moment to execute a mission.
Scheduled Patrols
Schedule patrols to be done autonomously without customer intervention. From day to night, our systems offer an effective deterrent and detection system.
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