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Energy & Critical Infrastructure

LandSkyAI works with our hardware and software partners to facilitate a variety of custom solutions to fit each inspection program. Our systems are not restricted to one payload, allowing for the proper sensors to be outfitted for each operation. With the ability to alert when an abnormality is spotted and a reporting function, our solution brings data dependent organizations all available information.

  • Wind turbine blade inspection

  • Solar panel inspection

  • Power line and tower inspection

  • Substation inspection

  • Solar farm inspection

  • Thermal imaging for detecting energy loss

The Problem

Inspection Challenges

  • Labor shortages in rural areas lead to delays and reduced productivity.

  • Manned power is expensive due to labor-related costs, making it difficult for businesses to remain profitable.

  • Working in hazardous environments puts workers at risk of injury or illness, which is costly for businesses.

  • Using machines or automation is often more efficient than manned power for repetitive or labor-intensive tasks.

  • Specialized skills or training are required for some tasks, which can be difficult to find in some areas and lead to delays or reduced productivity.

The Solution

Vision AI

Custom Inspection Analytics

Vision AI's lightning-fast image recognition technology is tailored to meet your infrastructure inspection needs. With advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, our solution quickly and accurately identifies potential issues in your infrastructure, saving time and improving safety. Our technology can be applied to various areas of infrastructure, including power lines, electrical grids, bridges, highways, and more, to identify cracks, potholes, damaged or broken power lines, loose connections, and other potential hazards.




Free Fly

Blue UAS Certified Drone 

Our autonomous Free-Fly system was originally crafted to be a durable military system. We have now adapted an affordable system for commercial organizations. Retaining the endurance from its original purpose, the system touts highly advanced specs. This allows it to be extremely effective in various operating environments.

Working with its Hangar, the drone itself is always available as it is charged and protected in its housing. The drone prepares for each mission from its Hangar and can depart the box in under 10 seconds when it receives an alert. 

Whether performing a miles long inspection on a pipeline or covering a large campus patrol, our systems were designed for long-range and lengthy missions.


LandSkyAI's drone payloads, made by NextVision, provide customers with groundbreaking vision technology for public safety drone operations. With NextVision's field-proven micro stabilized gimballed cameras and accessories, LandSkyAI's payloads offer the widest range of capabilities available in the market.


Weighing in at just 220 grams (7.8 oz), the NightHawk1 is a powerful EO/IR stabilized camera. With its advanced thermal observation capabilities and high-quality visible imagery, the NightHawk1 delivers reliable performance in a compact and lightweight design.

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