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Professional Sports, Concerts, Festivals, Parades

LandSkyAI’s Crowd Intelligence Solutions create an all-in-one surveillance package which provides our clients with state of the art security assurance.


Between on-site operators, live analytics, command consulting and our portable mini-tethered systems, no stone is left unturned. We use groundbreaking technology for crowd intelligence, allowing a continuous eye in the sky to monitor the entirety of your event.

The Problem

Venue Challenges

  • Conventional video observation setups oversee walkways and seating sections, but fall short when it comes to open spaces designated for concerts.

  • There are noticeable blind spots in monitoring where parking and waiting zones are not constantly surveyed.

  • Fixed cameras typically have limited angles and perspectives, making it difficult to obtain an accurate view of crowd conduct.

  • Adding more cameras or staff to address the gaps in coverage would be too expensive.

  • Implementing more personnel to achieve complete situational awareness is costly and incomplete.

The Solution

Vision AI

Vision AI's lightning-fast image recognition is customized to your event needs. We alert you of crowd size and flow, vehicle traffic, and crowd behavior. This enables smart prevention strategies, outperforming human capabilities. Keep your crowds safe with our intelligent alerts from our eye-in-the-sky.


Crowd Size & Flow


Vehicle Traffic

Untitled design1.png

Crowd Behavior

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Built with public safety and event security in mind, our Mini-Tethered units provide a tactical and completely portable response mechanism. The system operates similar to the Tethered system in every regard, except it’s not housed in a Hangar. This change enabled the drone to become a tactical device since one operator can transport it easily.

Setup is quick and efficient with the system ready to fly in minutes. Advanced payloads allow the operator to receive actionable intelligence that provides a high level of safety to customers.

Professional Grade, Blue UAV Certified Tethered Drone Unit


LandSkyAI's drone payloads, made by NextVision, provide customers with groundbreaking vision technology for public safety drone operations. With NextVision's field-proven micro stabilized gimballed cameras and accessories, LandSkyAI's payloads offer the widest range of capabilities available in the market.


Weighing in at just 220 grams (7.8 oz), the NightHawk1 is a powerful EO/IR stabilized camera. With its advanced thermal observation capabilities and high-quality visible imagery, the NightHawk1 delivers reliable performance in a compact and lightweight design.

To make sure we are the best fit for your event, we will work with your team in learning more about your environment & vulnerabilities.
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