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Event Security

Professional Sports, Concerts, Festivals, Parades

LandSkyAI’s Crowd Intelligence solution creates an all-in-one surveillance package which provides our clients with state of the art security assurance.


Between on-site operators, live analytics, command consulting and our portable mini-tethered systems, no stone is left unturned. We use groundbreaking technology for crowd intelligence, allowing a continuous eye in the sky to monitor the entirety of your event.

The Problem

Venue Challenges

  • Conventional video observation setups oversee walkways and seating sections, but fall short when it comes to open spaces designated for concerts.

  • There are noticeable blind spots in monitoring where parking and waiting zones are not constantly surveyed.

  • Fixed cameras typically have limited angles and perspectives, making it difficult to obtain an accurate view of crowd conduct.

  • Adding more cameras or staff to address the gaps in coverage would be too expensive.

  • Implementing more personnel to achieve complete situational awareness is costly and incomplete.

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The Solution

Tethered Drones

Introducing LandSkyAI's revolutionary Tethered Drones, redefining event security. Our ultra-portable surveillance systems utilize secure data-over-power cables, ensuring uninterrupted operation for comprehensive monitoring.  Also leveraging a best-in-class drone camera, we are able to provide clear images in HD or thermal of the site as a whole allowing for complete situational awareness.

FAA Certified Pilots

​LandSkyAI’s Part 107 licensed pilots have received proper training and passed competency tests, ensuring they can operate drones safely and responsibly. The FAA requires all commercial drone pilots to be licensed under Part 107, which establishes standards for safe drone use. Part 107 licensed pilots bring a deep understanding of regulations, proficiency in drone control, and credibility to crowd intelligence operations, making data collection safer and more efficient.

Vision AI's lightning-fast image recognition is customized to your event needs. We alert you of crowd size and flow, vehicle traffic, and crowd behavior. This enables smart prevention strategies, outperforming human capabilities. Keep your crowds safe with our intelligent alerts from our eye-in-the-sky.

Crowd Management Experts

Our team of certified crowd managers possess expertise in crowd incidents, including their causes and outcomes, and have extensive experience in command and control operations, including collaboration with a Security Operations Center (SOC) team. They are well-versed in drone operations, their capabilities, and limitations. For each event, we provide a two-person team to ensure a consistent presence in the SOC and constant monitoring of the video feed.


Conflict Mitigation

Through a combination of cutting edge technology and experienced crowd intelligence professionals, our focus is providing emergency responders necessary information to resolve conflicts faster. Against the unknown, prepare to respond accordingly.

Emergency Response

  • View scale of the emergency

  • Locating assailants/s

  • Locate individuals in need of assistance

  • Guide emergency responders to the exact locations

  • Detect heat signatures, aiding in search and rescue operations.


Target Location








Tailored to suit various project needs, our packages offer a range of options, from the foundational Basic Package, providing essential drone and personnel resources, to the comprehensive Professional Package, equipped with advanced technology and certified crowd management. Elevate your event security capabilities and efficiency with LandSkyAI's customizable solutions, designed to meet the demands of any event.


● 1 Drone, 1 Backup

● 1 FAA Certified Pilot

● 1 Project Manager


● 2 Drones, 1 Backup

● 2 FAA Certified Pilots

● 1 Project Manager

● Custom Video Analytics

● Command Trailer


● 3 Drones, 1 Backup

● 3 FAA Certified Pilots

● 1 Project Manager

● Custom Video Analytics

● Command Trailer

● Certified Crowd Managers


Featuring customizable add-ons such as certified crowd management experts, custom video analytics, and a free-fly drone for emergency response. Maximize the potential of your security operations with the below options.

● Certified Crowd Management Experts

● Custom Video Analytics

● Command Trailer

● Recorded Video and Alerts

● Additional Tethered Units & Pilots

● Free-fly Drone for Emergency Response

Crowd Intelligence

As a Service

LandSkyAI offers extended Crowd Intelligence services through the LandSky as a Service (LSaaS) model. LSaaS is a comprehensive, recurring service tailored for the hassle-free integration of autonomous robotics, encompassing the entire process from procurement to operation, with value-added services facilitating a smooth transition to autonomy.

Getting Set Up




We meet and learn about your event.

Our team will engage in an in-depth discussion with yours, delving into your specific event concerns. This collaborative exploration ensures a tailored event security solution that precisely aligns with your requirements and safeguards your interests effectively.

We design a package for you.

Through the comprehensive discussions with your team, we delve into your unique concerns, allowing us to design a tailored and effective security strategy that perfectly fits your needs.

We present a proposal.

After designing a tailored and effective security strategy that perfectly fits your event needs, we will provide you with a proposal with included pricing options. 


We provide event security services.

Upon approval of our proposal by your team, we will proceed to expertly install and provide our event security services. Once operational, our system seamlessly integrates a live video stream from the drone into your existing VMS (Video Management System), ensuring comprehensive real-time surveillance capabilities.

To make sure we are the best fit for your event, we will work with your team in learning more about your environment & vulnerabilities.
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