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The final leg of delivery accounts for more than half of the overall shipping cost, regardless of the package's origin. As global parcel deliveries grow, the shipping industry and consumers will bear higher costs.

To address this problem, LandSkyAI has partnered with OTSAW to integrate delivery robots, an autonomous robotic solution for last-mile deliveries. By automating this stage, supply chain management can focus on other areas, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


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In a world confronted by mounting delivery challenges across diverse sectors such as hospitals, universities, communities, and the hospitality industry, LandSkyAI's delivery robot emerges as the transformative answer.

No Rush Hour Fees




Our robots offer customers a hassle-free experience without rush hour fees. This streamlined approach ensures efficient and cost-effective deliveries, alleviating the financial strain on consumers amidst a growing and costly shipping landscape.

Our delivery robots offer an eco-friendly solution by optimizing routes and minimizing carbon emissions. This proactive approach aligns with global sustainability efforts, marking LandSky's commitment to a greener future in the delivery industry.

Branding Opportunties


LandSky's customizable delivery robots present a unique branding opportunity for businesses. By customizing the robot's appearance, companies can effectively turn each delivery into a moving advertisement, boosting brand visibility and customer trust.




Disinfection within Compartments


Secure App

Delivery by App or OTP Authentication

Amidst the growing emphasis on safety and hygiene, witness LandSkyAI's delivery robot revolutionize cleanliness with its innovative UV-C technology. Deactivating bacteria and viruses through short-wavelength ultraviolet light, this eco-friendly and chemical-free solution ensures a consistently clean and secure environment, setting new benchmarks for safe transportation of goods.

In a rapidly evolving delivery landscape, LandSky's delivery robots stand out with their reliance on a secure web application, guaranteeing not only the secure and timely delivery of goods but also an unmatched customer experience. This innovative system, fostering trust and reliability, streamlines the delivery process, maximizing efficiency, and offering real-time tracking for enhanced transparency and convenience.

How it Works


Headed Home

Following collection, Camello autonomously returns to the base station, prepared for the next order.


Package Received

The customer receives a notification through the app, allowing them to unlock the Camello compartment with a QR code to retrieve their parcel.


In Route

Camello independently travels to the designated collection point at the scheduled time.


Load em' up!

The parcel is loaded onto Camello at the distribution hub, and the order details are uploaded via the Web Application.


Your Road Map

Next Steps Made Easy

We make the adoption of autonomous robotics easy! A true white glove service, customized to the needs and goals of your security environment.

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Meet LandSkyAI!

Learn about LandSkyAI, the future of autonomous security as well as services and solutions pertaining to your industry.

Information & Planning

Our team of security experts learn about your site location & security goals to execute the best solution possible.

Proposal Process

We meticulously craft your proposal provided with your given solution, preliminary patrol routes and pricing.

Contract Execution

Once the proposal & contract have been accepted you are well on your way. Congratulations, you have joined the future of autonomous security!

Deployment & Operations!

To make sure we are the best fit for you, we will work with your team in learning more about your environment & vulnerabilities.
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