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The Current State of Robotic Solutions

In the realm of robotic solutions, companies face significant hurdles for adoption, including substantial capital investment, regulatory constraints, operator training, and ongoing manual oversight. Overcoming these challenges is pivotal for businesses striving to embrace the future of automation and secure a competitive edge in today's dynamic market landscape.



Guard turnover rate according to Service Employees International Union



Average yearly cost including benefits of having a 24/7 manned guard post.


The Solution


LSaaS is a recurring, end-to-end service designed for easy adoption of autonomous robotics. It covers the entire adoption process from purchase to operation, providing value-added services that enable seamless transition to autonomy.

Deployment & Training

We handle all aspects of deployment planning, from rule compliance and integrations to on-site training. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with existing hardware and software, supported by continuous remote training for ongoing operational and safety adherence

Robotic Operations Center (ROC)

A team of expert robotic operators, featuring certified Part 107 pilots. Benefit from standard five-day remote support, extendable to seven days for select contracts, and continuous system health monitoring through remote diagnostics.

Our video stream analytics detect humans, people, license plates, and more, with customization options available for tailored detection. They can also be easily installed on static cameras for seamless integration.


Maintenance & Software

​All packages include a standard maintenance contract for non-user error-related issues, alongside multiple annual software enhancements. Our preventative maintenance offers common parts supply and on-site support to ensure seamless system functionality year-round.

Hardware Refreshes

Yearly refurbishments guarantee optimal system performance under the contract, while ensuring customers receive the latest updates and hardware enhancements. Additionally, our 5-year contracts provide a full system replacement after 3 years of service.


Getting Set Up


We meet and learn about you.

Our team will engage in an in-depth discussion with yours, delving into your specific concerns. This collaborative exploration ensures a tailored security solution that precisely aligns with your requirements and safeguards your interests effectively.


We design a solution for you.

Through the comprehensive discussions with your team, we delve into your unique concerns, allowing us to design a tailored and effective security strategy that perfectly fits your needs.


We present a proposal.

After designing a tailored and effective security strategy that perfectly fits your security needs, we will provide you with a proposal with included pricing options. 


We integrate your custom solution.

Upon approval of our proposal by your team, we will proceed to expertly install and provide ongoing support for your customized security solution. Once operational, our system seamlessly integrates a live video stream from the drone into your existing VMS (Video Management System), ensuring comprehensive real-time surveillance capabilities.

To make sure we are the best fit for you, we will work with your team in learning more about your environment & vulnerabilities.
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