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Virtual Guard

Step into the Future of Security with Virtual Guard, offering the specialized expertise of Sky Guard's drone security and Land Guard's ground robotics. This dynamic duo ensures comprehensive protection for your premises through meticulously designed patrols, remote operator support, and advanced analytics. By seamlessly integrating these cutting-edge technologies, we revolutionize risk mitigation strategies and streamline cost-effective solutions, solidifying your peace of mind and safeguarding your assets like never before."


Enhance the safety and protection across numerous industries, leveraging cutting-edge technology and comprehensive surveillance capabilities tailored for

the modern security landscape. 

Construction & Real-Estate
Utilities & Industrial Facilities
Manufacturing & Distribution
Health Care

Sky Guard

Your Eye in the Sky

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Take your security measures to new heights with LandSkyAI's Sky Guard service. This autonomous patrol solution takes to the skies, reducing risks and costs while fortifying your property through streamlined, cutting-edge drone technology.

24/7 Physical Presence


Our drone patrols offer an unmatched physical presence, safeguarding your property round the clock.

Consistent & Repeatable Patrols


Ensuring reliable and repeatable surveillance, our solutions provide randomized patrols for uncompromising security operations.

Increased Productivity at Reduced Cost

Drone patrols drive productivity, surveilling more space than traditional security methods at a fraction of the cost.


30 Second Response Time


Ensure a rapid 30-Second response time for 10 acres of property with unparalleled efficiency.


Sky Guard

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Sky Guard

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Cutting-edge tethered drone solution, offering an impressive flight time of over 24 hours. Versatile and adaptable, it's designed for seamless vehicle mounting, ensuring unparalleled mobility and extended aerial operations.

State-of-the-art fully autonomous indoor drone solution, revolutionizing monitoring, security, life safety, and maintenance tasks. With unparalleled versatility and reliability, it operates seamlessly everywhere, ensuring round-the-clock surveillance and efficiency.

Land Guard

Secure your Grounds

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Introducing LandSkyAI's Land Guard - Your ultimate shield against crime at the ground level. Unmatched reliability day and night for unprecedented security with indoor and outdoor specific systems.

Defend your assets, empower your peace of mind.


True Force Multiplier

Land Guard serves as the ultimate 24/7 force multiplier, elevating your defense operations to unprecedented heights.

Long Battery Life

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All Terrain

An extended 3 to 6-hour battery life, along with fully autonomous dock charging, enables relentless security surveillance without compromise.

With all-terrain capabilities, ensure comprehensive security coverage across every inch of your property.

Remote ROC

Robotic Operations Center

Introducing LandSkyAI's Remote ROC, revolutionizing the adoption of robotics for security in private and commercial properties. Our licensed robotic operators remotely can control our advanced systems worldwide, eliminating the need for licensed on-site personnel. Experience proactive surveillance, rapid incident response, and valuable data insights, all from a centralized location. Enhance security, reduce costs, and maximize efficiency with LandSkyAI's Remote ROC.


FAA Part 107 certified pilots

Operational 24/7

Globally Operational

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To make sure we are the best fit for you, we will work with your team in learning more about your environment & vulnerabilities.
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