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Professional grade autonomous security drones with HD camera, GPS navigation, and advanced flight capabilities used as a Virtual Guarding Security Service.

Incorporating Virtual Guards into your security patrols or inspections will have game changing effects for your organization. Our Autonomous Patrol service mitigates risk and cost through our innovative solution. By providing the full infrastructure required to automate patrols, from remote operators to advanced analytics, your site would be gaining true force-multipliers. Never has it been so easy to enhance security with autonomous solutions.

LandSky as a Service

Streamline your transition to Virtual Guard with our LandSky as a Service. Our focus on value-add services simplifies the adoption of autonomous robotics, providing a seamless transition from purchase to deployment to operation. Experience true end-to-end automation with our LS.a.a.S. package and get ready to take your organization to the next level.

Vision AI

  • Advanced image recognition capabilities surpassing human abilities

  • Quick detection and identification of visual elements in real-time

  • Immediate insights and ability to create accurate predictive models and smart prevention strategies

  • Capable of processing thousands of images at high speed and providing vast amounts of data

  • Ideal solution for enhancing efficiency and accuracy in autonomous patrols


Sky Solutions

Professional Grade, free flying autonomous drone unit with a home base charging hanger.

Free Fly

Blue UAS Certified Drone 

Our autonomous Free-Fly system was originally crafted to be a durable military system. We have now adapted an affordable system for commercial organizations. Retaining the endurance from its original purpose, the system touts highly advanced specs. This allows it to be extremely effective in various operating environments.

Working with its Hangar, the drone itself is always available as it is charged and protected in its housing. The drone prepares for each mission from its Hangar and can depart the box in under 10 seconds when it receives an alert. 

Whether performing a miles long inspection on a pipeline or covering a large campus patrol, our systems were designed for long-range and lengthy missions.


Professional Grade, tethered autonomous drone unit with a home base charging hanger.

Our autonomous Tethered system was constructed to solve the issue of limited flight time of current drone solutions. This drone is connected to the Hangar by a secure 320’ cable that allows for persistent power with two-way communication. 

   This stationary system can be quickly deployed remotely and can provide over watch with alerting over areas extending over 3 miles. While operating attached to the tether, the system can still function in a vehicle moving up to 25 mph, enhancing present patrol capabilities for customers.

Recently released by our manufacturer, the new Tether-Optional system combines all the features of the Tethered system with the ability to release the tether by automated alarm response or manual guidance.

Land Solution

Land Guard, an autonomous ground robot which utilizes AI analytics and cutting edge tech to secure properties.

Outdoor Patrol System

Land Guard

LandSky's outdoor patrol system, Land Guard, autonomously patrols streets, pathways, and open spaces while avoiding obstacles with object detection. Designed to have little human interaction, the system will operate for up to 6 hours at a time and will return home when its battery becomes depleted.

With day and night patrolling, the system is an effective deterrent while enhancing the data available to a security team. By patrolling large environments with its expansive operational time, a customer can limit or eliminate potentially dangerous human patrols. Now, a customer can have a robot off real-time alerts instead of having to put a team member in harm's way without context.

To make sure we are the best fit for you, we will work with your team in learning more about your environment & vulnerabilities.
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