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We're changing the way organizations think about safety.

The traditional method of securing a site is capital intensive, inefficient and reactive. LandSkyAI reimagined the robotics industry by using innovative solutions that proactively and effectively optimize safety, security and inspection processes. 


We leverage the power of AI and robotics to create a more efficient and safer world.

The LandSkyAI Advantage

From our Global Operations Security Center (G.S.O.C.), our team of highly skilled operators are capable of controlling our robotic systems for our clients. 

We design custom services and solutions to fit the evolving needs of your business. From gas sensors to thermal cameras, our systems can be equipped with a multitude of devices.

Remote Operators

Custom Robotic Operations

Fully Autonomous

All of our solutions utilize premier technology designed to need minimal to zero human intervention.

Robotics as a Service

Our team provides end to end services, from designing and remotely operating your systems to managing and supporting your systems. We are there for you evey step of the way.

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LandSkyAI's Drone Services

Security Patrols & Response

Infrastructure Inspections

Event Security


Emergency Services

And More!

Our drone solutions are modeled by our drone-in-a-box idea that allows the systems to operate autonomously. The original concept was to have a drone system that would do automated patrols or be activated by alerts. The box enabled this without human intervention by acting as the drone's home base where it would charge on its own. We quickly realized this idea could be transferred to a multitude of scenarios that could be automated by using our drone systems.

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Ground Robotic Services

Last Mile Delivery

Indoor/Outdoor Patrols

Environmental Hazard Detection

Concierge Services

Facilities Management

And More!

Similar to our drone solutions, our ground robotic systems are designed to be fully autonomous from patrolling to charging itself. With hours of operation on each charge it can effectively monitor a site overnight or at any time of day with few breaks. It will go back to its home base to charge and can be activated via alert or manually to go to an objective. From alerting on something a simple as a door left open to detecting a gas leak in a building, our systems have a wide range of uses.

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Industrials & Utilities

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Real Estate

Industries Served

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Transportation & Logistics

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Corporate Campuses

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A new model for automation, designed to enhance human ability.

Instead of worrying about setting up a robotic system, training staff, servicing it and monitoring; allow us to do it all. With our R.a.a.S. model, we don't sell a product and leave, we are there with you each step of the way. Whether having a ground robot patrol a lobby or an aerial drone patrolling a campus, your organization will always be updated. We will ensure you always have access to the latest operational data provided by the robotic systems. 


Reduce CAPEX

Benefits of Robotics As a Service (R.a.a.S.)

Liability Protection

Business Insights

24/7 Support

Over Air Updates

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Our Key Partners

We are able to offer best in class solutions by partnering with the premier solutions providers in the space. If you are interested in seeing how we can partner together, please reach out!

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