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Our Story

LandSkyAI was born out of a vision where patrols or inspections are done effectively without putting human lives at risk. Coming from a security background, we believe robotics hold the power to redefine what it means to create a safer environment for organizations across the world.


Through this vision, we have become a growing autonomous solutions company, empowering organizations by mitigating risk, reducing costs, and increasing safety through the use of robotics.


We’re doing this by offering our clients an end-to-end full suite of solutions. By combining the best-in-class technology from our manufacturers with our LandSky as a Service (LSaaS) package, we offer a truly automated solution. The included services in the LSaaS package defines how LandSkyAI is different as we strive to hit our goal of making the adoption of robotics simple.

Your adoption of high-end tech made easy.

We were founded in the philosophy that incorporating high-end technology into an organization should be simple. As part of our mission to a seamless adoption of this technology, we are committing ourselves to provide you top level support to use autonomous robotics to your advantage. Plus, we will offer exceptional help in areas of operations and maintenance, making sure you have access to the right LandSkyAI expert on-demand.


New York, NY
Washington D.C.
Portland, OR

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We are able to offer best in class solutions by partnering with the premier solutions providers in the space. If you are interested in seeing how we can partner together, please reach out.


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