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Professional Sports, Concerts, Festivals, Parades

LandSkyAI’s portable mini-tethered systems are an innovative method for crowd intelligence at any event. The mobility of the system enables easy transportation to various locations and can be moved throughout the duration of an event. With over 200’ on the tether, the system allows for a continuous eye in the sky to monitor the entirety of the event.

Deployment Scenarios

Unlimited Flight Time
The tether is a secure data-over-power cable that provides continuous power to the drone, allowing for indefinite operation.
Crowd Behavior Analytics
The video stream is integrated into an ecosystem with innovative AI software to enable automated alerts. From people counting to crowd behavior detection, we are proactive.
Onsite Operators
Our team is involved from site preparation to enable the proper integration of our systems and team into the security apparatus. During the event, out onsite pilots will have direct communication with onsite security personnel.
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