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Public Safety

First Responder, Firefighters, Police, Disaster Relief

LandSkyAI’s robotic systems were created to help the public at large live safer lives. Our solutions are perfectly suited to enhance the ability of our first responders to a multitude of emergency situations. Our solutions are manufactured in the USA or Singapore and have no governmental restrictions. In fact, our manufacturer’s Osprey drone is Blue UAS certified by the USA Department of Defense.

Deployment Scenarios

Critical Event Response
Our portable drone systems are tactical in nature and well-suited for emergency vehicle attachment. Use a tethered system for complete overview of a disaster scenario or use a free-fly drone to inspect the perimeter.
Autonomous Patrols of Designated Areas
In identified areas, public safety agencies can have our systems patrol as a force multiplier for their agents. If requested, our AI package could alert first responders to a variety of emergency situations.
Drones as a First Responder
Instead of putting first responders in immediate harm, deploy a drone to fly to the dispatch. The drone would provide situational awareness, allowing for informed decision making by first responders.
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